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Dr. Leslie has a calm yet engaging style that allows her to convey complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. She peppers her interactive presentations with poignant stories which draw in audiences and leave them captivated and oblivious to the time!

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Speaking topics include:

It Really Is All in Your Head!

Although thinking something is true doesn’t make it so, what we tell ourselves can have a profound influence on what we believe and then act on, which can result in adverse repercussions in business and in life. In this provocative session, you’ll learn how your internal communications (ok, those voices in your head!) can hinder, if not derail, your advancement and progress. You’ll walk away with key strategies to effectively manage and eventually silence, the saboteur that lies within you!

7 Steps To A Better You!

How do you measure success? How can your personal choices impact your professional momentum? If you are committed to personal, professional, and spiritual development, this workshop is for you! By participating in this session, you will:

  • identify how and whether your work is in alignment with your values and core strengths;
  • experience key ways the reflection process can meet your goals;
  • recognize the danger of negative mindsets and how to effectively address them; and
  • leave with not only a personal action plan for being “better”, but have your own customized template to address future goals!

Putting Your Self-Awareness to Work

Now that you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, your DISC leadership profile and understand what your Colors mean for you, how do you put it all together to figure out what your organization needs? Using the principles of Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, participants will examine ways to create a culture of engagement where they feel more confident implementing an appropriate style of leadership based on the developmental needs of their employees. Participants will also leave with an action plan focused on creating a consistent sense of connection, cohesion, and commitment to all – around success in the work place.

Speak Up, Speak Out – Increasing Your Presence and Value In Meetings

It happened again. The meeting is just about over and we’re no closer to gaining consensus about this upcoming project than when the meeting began two hours ago! To make matters worse, I haven’t contributed much to this meeting! If this describes your meetings, know that you’re not alone. Running effective meetings and allowing participants to manage the process takes great skill. At the same time, being a participant who feels comfortable making contributions is vital for your organization. Using David Kantor’s structural dynamics theory of interpersonal interactions, we will explore the communication styles of your team or organization and help members identify the roles they commonly play in meetings. As a result of this experiential process, participants will recognize the extent to which their style is working for them and commit to being more flexible in expanding their behavioral repertoire. Through didactic and small group exercises, participants will understand the benefits and challenges of each communication and action stance, commit to trying out different roles and experience a sense of empowerment and renewed confidence as they become equipped to engaging in more productive dialogue.

Assessing Your Organization’s Psychological Health: It’s Time for A Check-Up

This presentation will enable participants to

  • Be familiar with the ways that successful organizations provide employees with resources to help them make behavior changes designed to promote good health and achieve results such as lower health care costs, higher productivity and a healthier bottom line
  • Examine their company’s organizational practices and generate ideas on how to integrate psychologically healthy changes
  • Nominate their companies for the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

Dr. Leslie’s presentations are especially developed for professional conferences, associations and retreats. If there’s a related topic of interest that’s not listed here, let’s discuss how we can customize a program just for you!

I attended the online event for ‘FEARBUSTERS: Uncovering the Unconscious Patterns Sabotaging Your Career And What to do Instead.’ Dr. Leslie was engaging and the content was both informative and challenging. I was able to explore four patterns and identify a key barrier to progressing my career. I immediately grabbed this as truth! Throughout the presentation, Dr. Leslie paused to allow us to work through each section as it was presented. I felt like I was really in class and she expected me to think critically. By the end of the session, I had to consider what I was going to do with the information I was receiving! Dr. Leslie urged us to commit to following the path we’d begun to uncover. I left the session encouraged and ready to conquer the key barrier I identified. It’s the kind of thing that I know I would benefit from hearing again six months from now as way to check my progress.

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I had the pleasure of attending several workshops facilitated by Dr. Bessellieu. I found her to be very knowledgeable as she demonstrated ways to think positive in every aspect of life. Dr. Leslie also pointed out ways to be an effective leader while gaining the confidence to pursue other opportunities outside of the workplace.

Attending the Transformations Consulting and Leadership Development workshop has been life changing. My purpose for going was to grow to become a more effective leader in my professional relationships as well as grow in how I develop my staff. I now manage and coach my team more effectively by listening and I now take a mentoring / coaching approach to helping them solve problems. My communication style leads them into discovering the solution to their own daily challenges versus me giving the solutions. The team has responded well to this approach and I am seeing my stress level decrease.

Leslie Bessellieu is a knowledgeable and great life coach. She gave an inspirational message at our 2015 Leadership Conference.


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