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Executive Coaching Services

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process of empowering you to move from where you are to where you want to go. Unlike counseling, where the goal is to understand, diagnose and treat psychological problems, the goal of coaching is to maximize your potential by using your strengths and building on your unique personality. Coaching helps you to function at your optimal levels as we strategize about the most effective pathways toward your success. My purpose in coaching is to facilitate your movement forward to achieve your goals.

What are the benefits of coaching?

My clients, who are often leaders in their chosen fields, business owners, professionals, or individuals who are considering the “next step” in their professional career, are highly motivated, extremely competent, and highly intelligent men and women. They seek my services to meet their professional and personal goals in a faster, more effective and efficient manner. They report experiencing a sense of empowerment from the first session and in the ensuing months indicate more clarity, optimism, decreased stress, improved work productivity, increased professional fulfillment, and more rewarding interpersonal interactions. Although at times challenging, they enjoy the self-reflection process, which enables them to uncover negative mindsets that may be hindering them from moving forward. My clients also benefit from coaching as they learn how to engage in a process of introspection that allows them to develop a strategic plan to meet their goals.

I’m committed to partnering with you to enable you to experience the desired results that come with living up to your potential.

Coaching Groups

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Sounds Like You’re Ready to Participate in a COACHING GROUP 

Coaching Groups rely on the shared wisdom and expertise of group members to achieve personal and group goals for success.  Coaching Groups are delivered by a professional coach, who provides the skill sets and creates the atmosphere for a positive shared learning experience. The group provides stimulation for creating novel concepts and ideas, along with a level of accountability that allows for effective results and sustainability.

Coaching Groups are virtual, but can be delivered onsite as well, and provide an economical way to capitalize on the vast amount of experiences of diverse groups of people who share similar needs and goals.

Contact Dr. Leslie to register for current Coaching Groups being offered or to discuss custom Coaching Groups.

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Leadership Development

Transformations Consulting & Leadership Development provides the following services:

  • Executive Coaching for business owners, leaders, managers, and professionals
  • The Managing for Impact and Coaching for Performance Development Program
  • Customized Group Coaching programs

My Approach

My approach is practical and results-oriented. My background and vast experience as a clinical psychologist provides me with a unique understanding of personalities, interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics. My training as an executive coach strengthens my ability to partner with you in a collaborative fashion, allowing the best interests of you and your company to be the driving factor of our work, not my will or personal beliefs about what is best. My commitment to working with integrity, treating others with respect, dignity and fairness in doing business God’s way, enables me to meet you where you are and together create the most effective pathways designed to impact productivity, foster personal and professional momentum, growth, and satisfaction, improve morale and increase employee engagement. My partners and affiliates are like-minded, spirit-filled professionals committed to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Leadership Philosophy

It is my belief that while some people appear to be “born” leaders, many learn to develop the essential qualities for effective leadership. These include the ability to

  • create a vision and clearly disseminate it throughout the company
  • show an interest in, motivate, and develop their direct reports
  • engage in strategic planning
  • exert necessary influence during times of crises
  • discern when to pull back and seek the wise counsel of others
  • empower employees and provide them the resources to take advantage of their skills and abilities
  • communicate needs and expectations with clarity
  • effectively manage disputes and conflicts
  • provide a healthy and supportive worksite
  • consistently engage in self-reflection and provide opportunities for employees to do the same

Leadership involves a process. Effective leadership does not come by way of simply having the right personality traits or particular skills – although they are contributing factors. Leadership development encompasses a variety of approaches. After a comprehensive assessment, we will determine the best approach for you. If it is your desire, I will partner with you to more closely align your business practices and policies with your core values and spiritual beliefs.

Effective leaders understand the importance of self-reflection and continued growth. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in this dynamic and on-going process and will assist you in determining which strategy is the most appropriate.