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Self-Assessment Quiz

How coachable are you?

Coaching is not for everyone—it takes your willingness to take action, ability to accept responsibility, and your readiness to do what it takes to create the success you want in your life. Take this self-assessment to find out if you’re ready for coaching.

Answering all questions is required.

Multiple Choice

* Are you eager to make meaningful improvements in your business, career or life?
* Is coaching the most appropriate vehicle for the changes you want to make (as opposed to counseling, therapy or consulting)?
* Are you fully ready to do the work necessary to move you where you want to be?
* Do you keep your word without struggling or sabotaging?
* Are you willing to experiment with new concepts or different ways of doing things?
* Can you be open and truthful with your coach and ready to hear the truth even if it’s uncomfortable?
* Are you able to make the commitment of time needed to make and keep scheduled appointments and do the applicable assignments?
* Are you willing to stop or change self-defeating behaviors which limit your success?
* Do you have adequate funds to pay for coaching and will not regret or suffer about the fee?
* Do you see coaching as a worthwhile investment in your life?
* Do you want to attract success and create a more integrated and balanced life?