Face Your Fears and Transform Your Career –
A Self-Coaching Program Just for You

Price: $15.95 (CD or MP3)

Would you like to be able to make decisions at work, about work, and for work without constantly second-guessing yourself or those around you?

Do you lack the confidence in pursuing your goals or asking for help?

If either of these scenarios describes you, get your copy of Face Your Fears and Transform Your CareerTM  self-coaching CD, based on the Fearbusters Teleseminar.

Like hundreds of people, you may be struggling with the need to advance your career but at the same time the idea of added responsibilities prevents you from moving forward.  

In this self-coaching CD, I will help you uncover the many ways that fear can show up in your life. By exploring the nature of four commonly encountered fears: Fear of Success; Fear of the Unknown; Fear of Failure; and Fear of Negative Evaluation, you will be able to:

  • Identify your sabotaging patterns of fear-based behaviors that keep you stuck
  • Evaluate the tangible consequences and impact of those fears
  • Create a vision of your most empowered self and
  • Learn innovative strategies to face your fears and kick them to the curb in order to transform your career

Face Your Fears and Transform Your Career

RENEWAL – Your Transformative Guide to Relaxation, Self-Awareness, & Insight

Price: $15.95 (CD or MP3)

This relaxation training is designed to renew your mind. Through this training, you’ll receive the benefits of 3 different relaxation techniques:

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation – increase your awareness of which muscle groups hold most of your stress; strengthen your skills for getting calm, reducing your anger and stress, and even sleeping better by managing your breathing and relaxing those tense muscles
  • Mindfulness exercise – become more self-aware and more fully experience your surroundings to be “in the moment;” boost your ability to think strategically; increase insight and boost creativity
  • Guided Imagery – embark on a vivid and scenic journey through visualization to promote relaxation and reduce stress 

Learn how to breathe out tension and breathe in peace and serenity, refresh your perspective, and emerge feeling renewed. Get your copy of RENEWAL today!


Face Your Fears and Transform Your Career
& RENEWAL Combo Package

Price: $25.00 (CD or MP3)

Purchase “Face Your Fears and Transform Your Career” and “RENEWAL” together at a reduced price.

Face Your Fears and Transform Your Career & RENEWAL Group Package