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Dr. Leslie Bessellieu partners with leaders to optimize business strategies, drive change, engage employees, and enhance organizational performance. Known affectionately as “Dr. Leslie,” she adeptly wears various hats — consultant, executive coach, facilitator, and speaker — all united by her unwavering commitment to empowering others in their professional transformations.

Her approach is characterized by a deliberate integration of empirically grounded psychological principles across all interactions. Whether leading leadership training, spearheading strategy sessions, or providing executive coaching, Dr. Leslie imparts actionable wisdom and astute insights, ensuring clarity in the next steps and equipping individuals to conquer challenges that lie ahead.

In other words, she uses all of her expertise to help you get to where you are going!



In a rapidly changing business landscape, Dr. Leslie’s Executive and Leadership Coaching equips leaders with the tools they need to navigate challenges, inspire their teams, and drive positive change, ultimately shaping them into impactful and influential leaders.

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Let me show you how an Organization Psychological Health Assessment is the check-up your business needs to address immediate concerns and establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

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Dr. Leslie is a sought-after speaker who inspires teams and helps leaders grow. View some of her more popular speaking engagement topics or work with her to create a custom program tailored to your organization.

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There’s nobody better to facilitate training and strategic retreats, VIP Intensives or tailored workshops. With a unique blend of expertise, engaging communication, and interactive facilitation, Dr. Leslie fosters transformative experiences that enhance communication, interpersonal dynamics, and leadership skills.

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Client Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Leslie Bessellieu to plan and facilitate a full-day retreat for our team. Leslie selected a series of well-planned, interactive exercises and activities for the retreat. Each one built on the one prior and they all had purpose and intent. Leslie very quickly engaged the staff and safely led us to open conversations about our shared values and how we can work better together. The retreat was an energizing and enlightening experience for all with many lessons learned.

The true testament to the effectiveness of any training experience is the lasting knowledge. I am happy to report that our team continues to reference several key takeaways we gained from Leslie’s coaching during the retreat. We keep looking for what we “can do for each other” instead of why we can’t do something.

Stephanie Kelley , Executive Director ECCO

I attended the online event for ‘FEARBUSTERS: Uncovering the Unconscious Patterns Sabotaging Your Career And What to do Instead.’ Dr. Leslie was engaging and the content was both informative and challenging. I was able to explore four patterns and identify a key barrier to progressing my career. I immediately grabbed this as truth! Throughout the presentation, Dr. Leslie paused to allow us to work through each section as it was presented. I felt like I was really in class and she expected me to think critically. By the end of the session, I had to consider what I was going to do with the information I was receiving! Dr. Leslie urged us to commit to following the path we’d begun to uncover. I left the session encouraged and ready to conquer the key barrier I identified. It’s the kind of thing that I know I would benefit from hearing again six months from now as way to check my progress.

Cathy H. , Program Manager & OD Consultant, Charlotte, NC

Attending the Transformations Consulting and Leadership Development workshop has been life changing. My purpose for going was to grow to become a more effective leader in my professional relationships as well as grow in how I develop my staff. I now manage and coach my team more effectively by listening and I now take a mentoring / coaching approach to helping them solve problems. My communication style leads them into discovering the solution to their own daily challenges versus me giving the solutions. The team has responded well to this approach and I am seeing my stress level decrease.

Liz Portee , State Farm Agent

Leslie Bessellieu is a knowledgeable and great life coach. She gave an inspirational message at our 2015 Leadership Conference.

Mary Zachar , VP of Education for the South Carolina Association for Volunteer Administration (SCAVA)

I had the pleasure of attending several workshops facilitated by Dr. Bessellieu. I found her to be very knowledgeable as she demonstrated ways to think positive in every aspect of life. Dr. Leslie also pointed out ways to be an effective leader while gaining the confidence to pursue other opportunities outside of the workplace.

S. Grase , Program Manager / Government