Professional Conferences, Associations and Retreats

Meet Dr. Leslie, an exceptional speaker with expertise in the field of leadership development, employee engagement, and helping leaders grow through change. With a dynamic presence and a wealth of experience, Dr. Leslie has become a sought-after speaker for organizations looking to inspire their teams and foster growth. 


7 Steps To A Better You!

How do you measure success? How can your personal choices impact your professional momentum? If you are committed to personal, professional, and spiritual development, this workshop is for you!

  • Align your work with your values and core strengths;
  • Keys to using reflection to meet your goals;
  • Recognize and address the danger of negative mindsets; and
  • Leave the session with a personal action plan and your own customized template to address future goals.

Speak Up, Speak Out – Increasing Your Presence and Value In Meetings

“It happened again. The meeting is just about over and we’re no closer to consensus on this upcoming project than when the meeting began two hours ago! To make matters worse, I didn’t contribute much to this meeting!” 

If this feels familiar, you’re not alone. Running effective meetings and encouraging engagement takes great skill. At the same time, being a participant who feels comfortable making contributions is vital for your organization. Using David Kantor’s structural dynamics theory of interpersonal interactions, we will explore the communication styles of your team or organization and help members identify the roles they commonly play in meetings. As a result of this experiential process, participants will recognize the extent to which their style is working for them and commit to being more flexible in expanding their behavioral repertoire. Through didactic and small group exercises, participants will understand the benefits and challenges of each communication and action stance, commit to trying out different roles and experience a sense of empowerment and renewed confidence as they become equipped to engage in more productive dialogue.

Assessing Your Organization’s Psychological Health: Why It Matters

  • Explore applying principles of psychological science to enhance workplace practices and facilitate employee wellbeing 
  • Discover the ways successful organizations provide helpful, behavior-changing resources to employees designed to promote good health and achieve results. Think lower health care costs, higher productivity and a healthier bottom line
  • Examine organizational practices and generate ideas to integrate psychologically healthy changes



Extensive experience with leaders and organizations across diverse industries has given Dr. Leslie a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that leaders and organizations face in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

  1. Leadership Development:
    Dr. Leslie empowers leaders to unlock their full potential through research-based  strategies and practical tools. She focuses on self-awareness, effective communication, decision making, and cultivating a growth mindset to tackle difficult decisions.
  2. Employee Engagement:
    Recognizing that engaged employees are the backbone of any successful organization, Dr. Leslie provides actionable insights on creating a psychologically healthy work environment, fostering a culture of trust, and motivating teams to excel.
  3. Growing Through Change:
    In a world of constant disruption, Dr. Leslie guides leaders in embracing change as an opportunity for growth. She shares strategies for adapting to new positions, unexpected challenges, and organizational transitions.


Dr. Leslie’s presentations are known for their interactive and engaging nature. She creates an immersive experience for her audience, incorporating elements of storytelling, group activities, and lively discussions. Her ability to connect with participants on a personal level sets her apart, leaving a lasting impact long after the event.


Attendees often report increased motivation, improved leadership skills, and a renewed sense of purpose in their roles.