About Dr. Leslie Bessellieu

Dr. Leslie Bessellieu is a licensed clinical psychologist with a doctorate from Auburn University. She is a certified personal and executive coach and received her certification in personal and executive coaching from the CaPP Institute (Coaching and Positive Psychology) in Atlanta.

As a psychologist, I would often hear stories from clients and colleagues of the challenges they faced in their careers. Many times, these challenges were related to uncertainty about going after new opportunities; questions about their willingness to manage the people responsibilities associated with their newfound leadership; and more often than not, dissatisfaction with the leadership examples displayed in their workplaces. These challenges intrigued me and led me to an exploration into the world of leadership development. Becoming a Certified Personal & Executive Coach was a logical next step for me back in 2012.

I initially founded Transformations Consulting & Leadership Development as a way to combine my various work passions under one umbrella. This way, I wouldn’t have to choose between teaching at a university and helping an organization improve its culture; or providing leadership team coaching or facilitating staff retreats; or engaging in career transitions coaching with outplaced executives.

I love working with leaders from diverse industries to help them discover the most effective solutions to address change, enhance leadership skills, and create psychologically healthy environments for employees.

Dr. Leslie Bessellieu posing

Courage is sometimes necessary to do your next big thing, but often it’s the sudden realization that your ‘someday’ is NOW that can compel you into action.

Dr. Leslie D. Bessellieu

Businesses and Organizations

Dr. Leslie’s work with businesses and organizations has enabled them to:

  • Explore and overcome challenges related to sustaining new change initiatives
  • Examine and implement innovative ways to engage and motivate employees
  • Address the developmental needs of direct reports to facilitate growth and promotion
  • Develop more effective systems for providing feedback and evaluation
  • Manage external as well as internal stakeholders’ expectations


For more than 25 years, Dr. Leslie has been instrumental in helping leaders:

  • Enhance leadership presence
  • Feel more secure and confident in their decision-making and leadership roles
  • Develop insight into navigating workplace politics
  • Strengthen aspects of their emotional intelligence
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