About Dr. Leslie Bessellieu

Dr. Leslie

A consultant, executive coach and clinical psychologist, Dr. Leslie D. Bessellieu is passionate about her desire to help others transform their lives. With her guidance, clients can activate the plans that God placed on their hearts. Since Dr. Bessellieu left a full-time job to pursue her dream of running her own company, she has fully embraced the challenges of entrepreneurship as well as the joys and benefits. She provides consultations to businesses and organizations to create psychologically healthy work sites and generate effective leaders from within their companies. She assists them in creating environments where employees feel valued and free to seek opportunities to develop professionally to advance within the company. She also conducts leadership development training to companies and churches.

For 20+ years, Dr. Leslie has empowered thousands of individuals to explore personal and professional goals by examining negative mindsets, considering positive, more realistic perspectives, overcoming obstacles and demonstrating ways to live authentically. Dr. Bessellieu obtained her Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Psychology from Auburn University and earned her B.S. in psychology from the University of South Carolina. She is affiliated with the Leadership Trust in Raleigh, NC, and Columbia College’s Institute for Leadership and Professional Institute in Columbia, SC, where she provides executive coaching services upon request. She has completed her certification in personal and executive coaching through the CaPP Institute.


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